Marybeth Gallagher, MBA, ACC

Coaching, Facilitation and Consulting Experience

Meeting at the intersection point of strategic business mindedness and a heart-filled human approach, Marybeth is driven to help individuals and organizations thrive!  As a trusted, strategic business partner, she operates in wholeness to design, implement and co-create solutions that elevate individuals and organizations.  

Marybeth specializes in strategic visioning, business transformation, succession planning and leadership development.  She relentlessly champions inclusion and believes it is imperative to develop the individual in order to develop the leader.  Empowered leaders are positioned to engage teams, inspire innovation, radically change organizational culture, and achieve unprecedented results.  

Marybeth works with teams to facilitate assimilation, high performance, and skill development.  Marybeth has built competency models that define what is expected of leaders, clarifying expectations, and translating these expectations into development programs.  Marybeth brings extensive experience facilitating learning programs within organizations and delivering presentations to large groups.  Marybeth continues to expand her knowledge in the areas of Immunity to Change, Succession Readiness, Communicating with Impact, Transformative Change Leadership, and Workforce Generational Engagement.   

In recent years, Marybeth’s passion for engagement, inclusion, and wholeness inspired her to become a Certified Integral Coach®.  Today, Marybeth partners with individuals and organizations to explore expansive possibilities through coaching, working to realize the full potential and self-actualization that can unearth as a result of coaching.  Marybeth draws from her seasoned business experience, self-awareness, and mindfulness skill-building to design tailored programs for each coaching engagement.  

Business / Organizational Leadership Experience

Marybeth elevated in her career holding various hands-on positions en route to becoming a C-Suite executive in a Human Resources capacity. Marybeth has more than 20 years of experience working with global organizations supporting them with their strategic priorities including organic growth; mergers & acquisitions and integration; business transformation, and large-scale change leadership.  

Marybeth has experience working across industries including, but not limited to: High Tech and Communications; Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; and Construction.  She has also done work with publicly traded, privately held, and non-profit organizations. 

Education and Training 

Marybeth received her Master’s in Business Administration from Xavier University.  Marybeth also holds a B.A. in Organizational Communications from Xavier University.  After working hands-on for global Fortune 500 corporations, Marybeth’s drive to understand how individuals and organizations thrive led her to the University of Southern California, receiving a Certificate in Effective Organization, focusing on Organizational Design and Effectiveness.  

Marybeth went on to become a certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West.  She is a certified Enneagram in Business Coach through the Enneagram in Business Network.  


In life, Marybeth enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, learning, engaging in community service, and doing anything where life’s beauty and laughter can be realized!