Making Effective Requests

One of the most common problems in nearly every industry is lack of accountability.  How we make requests and keep our promises gets to the heart of accountability and an organization’s overall health.  Leaders who master making clear requests and then model this behavior effectively for their direct reports play a critical role in helping their organizations run smoothly. The art of making an effective request is …

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Think Responsibly

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal responsibility lately.  About how I (and only I) am ultimately responsible for how my life turns out.   I’m responsible for my successes, failures, relationships, and happiness at home as well as work. I don’t know how we’ve become the society that thinks that responsibility isn’t a great thing.   I’d wager a …

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Are You A Resilient Leader?

Good leaders are resilient.  They bounce back quicker from setbacks or adversity, and keep the team moving in the right direction.  Resiliency is sometimes seen as the ability to cope with stress and life’s challenges, and to draw upon the emotional reserves that have been built up for the tough times. Is resiliency an individual trait, or is it learned …

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Book Rec: Behold The Power Of The Introvert

Align Leadership will often recommend books for our coaching clients that we believe are important for leaders and managers to read to better understand themselves and their teams. This book is about introverts and the gifts they bring to an organization. Author Susan Cain, a former corporate lawyer and self-described introvert, recently wrote a book called “Quiet: The Power of …

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SWSG Interview: Christy Uffelman

adminSWSG Interview: Christy Uffelman

The Isolated Executive

There is a sense of mystique about the CEO, resulting from the perception that they are removed from the daily workings of the company, and that they are somehow larger than life. The television network CBS has explored this phenomenon to great success on its show “undercover Boss,” in which the out-of-touch head of a company dons the outfit of …

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