Advocacy group launches coaching-focused awards for midcareer female professionals

Lydia Nuzum, Reporter. Pittsburgh Business Times   When Kimberly Zahler, a user experience designer in Bethel Park, was in graduate school studying digital design, she remembers feeling empowered by her professors and fellow students. But once she was out of school, something shifted — in the working world, Zahler ran headlong into the sexism that has long been a component of the technology …

Courtney DeruyAdvocacy group launches coaching-focused awards for midcareer female professionals
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No one is keeping a tally. So why am I?

By Christy Uffelman   I’ve been battling my inner Martyr lately and losing. She shows up whenever I get stuck in the tiresome cycle of Overdo. Resent. Repeat. Whenever I say yes instead of no. Myrtle is a capital-P People-Pleaser, and no thanks to her, I’ve spent many a day taking on more. More work. More chores. More obligations. And …

Courtney DeruyNo one is keeping a tally. So why am I?
pivotal moment

Wake Up Calls: Moments that Change our Lives

By Mary Shippy and Christine Watkins Davies This article is the first in our Field Notes on Leadership Series. We hope this series provides you insights to facilitate your leadership journey.   Over the course of my career as a leadership coach, I have witnessed some huge transformational shifts and changes in the leaders I have worked alongside.  I would …

Courtney DeruyWake Up Calls: Moments that Change our Lives
Board Ready Women Pittsburgh

Fewer Pittsburgh company boards are a mens-only club

JOYCE GANNON Pittsburgh Post-Gazette jgannon@post-gazette.com About a dozen public companies in the Pittsburgh area had no women directors eight years ago when Sarah Stewart moved to the region to open an office for an executive recruiting firm. She recalls being surprised. This year, just three companies have boardrooms filled only with men. After trailing national statistics for years, women have …

Courtney DeruyFewer Pittsburgh company boards are a mens-only club

Just Say No

By Christy Uffelman I was just saying to a friend the other day that I want to start a “Just Say NO Club” where we get together once/month and talk about all the things we said NO to. There are so many things that “could be fun” or “would likely be good to do” or I feel like I “should …

Courtney DeruyJust Say No

Field Notes on Leadership: A New Blog Series

Over the next several months we’re going to be completing some interviews and writing a blog series entitled Field Notes On Leadership.  We’re going to delve into topics such as:  Human Capability, Empowerment, Resiliency & Grit, Importance of Communication and Conversation, Peer Learning, Authenticity, Leadership Vulnerability, and Characteristics of a Leader.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on these …

Courtney DeruyField Notes on Leadership: A New Blog Series

Women’s Leadership Council: Get Involved!

Align Leadership’s Christy Uffelman is enormously proud to be on the Executive Team for the Women’s Leadership Council at the United Way, an organization that is committed to empowering and supporting women and giving back to the community! To learn how you can get involved, watch the video and read more about it below. Mobilizing the caring power of women to …

Courtney DeruyWomen’s Leadership Council: Get Involved!

My Grown-up Permission Slip

By Christy Uffelman I spent some time last Sunday afternoon at a funeral home. It certainly wasn’t what I planned to do that day. I had errands to do, things to get done. But I immediately canceled my “plans” (with zero guilt) because I wanted to be there to honor someone I care about and whom I admire. And you …

Courtney DeruyMy Grown-up Permission Slip

New program aims to put more women into the C-suite

Patty Tascarella Senior Reporter Pittsburgh Business Times   The Pittsburgh Technology Council and Align Leadership have teamed to launch a program to give women an edge rising through the ranks. The program, Education and Development through Group Experiences, targets women who are midcareer leaders in companies and nonprofits. EDGE kicks off with a two-day retreat at Seven Springs, starting on …

Courtney DeruyNew program aims to put more women into the C-suite
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Endings First, Beginnings Second.

By Christy Uffelman   January 1, 2017 We talk a lot about new beginnings this time of year- how great they are, how exciting, how shiny. But what we often fail to remember is that in order to experience them, something else must first end. This past summer I went tree walking with my Girl Scout troop. I’m afraid of …

Courtney DeruyEndings First, Beginnings Second.