Junior Achievement’s Inspiring Success Awards Luncheon

On Friday, January 26th, deserving finalists, joined by friends, family, peers, and other young leaders, attended Junior Achievement’s first Young Professionals Luncheon + Inspiring Success Award Ceremony to see which of their peers would receive the honor of being named as the most influential contributor in a variety of categories. Our own Christy Uffelman was thrilled to emcee the event, not only because she has previously been recognized by Junior Achievement for her own accomplishments, but also because the event serves as tangible proof of the outstanding work young leaders are doing across the Pittsburgh area.

For more, and for a list of winners, see Natalie Bencivenga’s article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (also posted below), and, once nominations are opened for next year’s awards, make sure to nominate a deserving candidate in your life!

Original article, as it appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Junior Achievement’s Inspiring Success awards luncheon

(Photo courtesy of Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette)

Brad HemmingsJunior Achievement’s Inspiring Success Awards Luncheon