own your success

Learning to #OwnIt

By Christy Uffelman

“No one likes a girl who brags.”

So says the voice in my head. I don’t know about you, but I learned a long time ago that when we talk about how fabulous we are at something, well, that makes others feel ‘less than’. So we hold back, we censor, we deflect.

And I wonder, at what cost?

Because here’s the thing, when we don’t share our successes, our greatness, then how do the people in our circle know who to call on when they are struggling with a challenge?

It leaves us all forever reinventing the wheel, struggling alone.

When we don’t give ourselves permission to let our own light shine, not only can we not see the path that is directly in front of us, but neither can we ignite the flames of those around us.

I share this thought today after being gently reminded to #OwnIt from a sister-friend on FB this morning. It’s been a wonderful month of celebrations, and if I’m being honest, I have found myself uncomfortable through most of it. I’ve heard myself deflecting compliments, smiling a bit tight-lipped, and shifting the conversation away from me when I could.

Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Here’s the thing with newness though, it’s hard. Your muscles are still weak. For example, you can’t go from never lifting weights to bench pressing 145.

You have to start small. Maybe this time, you just lift the bar. Then, with a bit more practice, maybe you add small weights, a little at a time.

After all, how can we ever successfully advocate for ourselves and what we want in our lives if we can’t celebrate our strengths and our achievements?

I invite you to try- right here, right now. #BeBold and leave a note in the Facebook comments with a recent success you are proud of. Large, small. Personal, professional.

Go ahead, take a deep breath, and #OwnIt.

…because as you do, you never know who’s flame you may ignite!

Courtney DeruyLearning to #OwnIt