PEER Technology® Cohort Experience Sessions

Engage in all three workshops in the Brené Brown Series and also experience three PEER Technology virtual cohort sessions with a group of your peers, Christy Uffelman,and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator as you apply the learnings and share best practices across companies and industries.

Each 2 hour virtual session is spaced evenly between each of the Brene Brown Series Workshops.  The session is not a webinar but instead an interactive and engaging space where we share best practices about the application of each workshop‘s content– what has worked for you this month, and what hasn’t. It’s where you can connect both personally and professionally with other high-achieving female leaders and drive results for your team, your department and your organization.


PEER Technology® – Rise with Purpose. Lead so others will follow.

Come and find your learning edge! As female leaders, we often feel alone in facing our challenges. The reality is that many of us struggle with the same challenges, but we solve them in isolation. We need a vehicle through which to share best practices across companies and industries, and learn together through our collective experience.

Leadership is often messy. Our careers are taking off at the exact time that our personal lives are in flux with the challenges of marriage, parenthood, volunteering in the community, and caring for elderly parents. Our health suffers. Our confidence falters. PEER Technology® leverages the collective experiences of early, mid-career and senior leaders to ignite and inspire each individual to own her career path. We may be unfinished, but we are enough.“

– Christy Uffelman, BCC, MH


Look beyond the Glass Ceiling!

The concept of the glass ceiling is outdated. If it were true, then we would all be on the other side. We aren’t. Today’s women leaders must navigate instead through a labyrinth of barriers, stereotypes and cultural biases. These biases are not just present in our organizations, but in our personal lives and our own mindsets too. In that way, the PEER Technology® Experience is not just professional leadership development – it’s personal.

PEER Technology® founder and leadership coach Christy Uffelman states, “our process leverages the power of knowledge transfer across peers. Together we grow the person to grow the leader.”

Align Leadership’s 2015 whitepaper, Women Leaders Across The Generations, found that “women leaders from all three generations (Baby Boomer, Gen-X and Millennial) shared experiences of ageism, racism and sexism in the workplace”. The study found that the successful leaders were not only those who “recognized the messages they were receiving” but who made “conscious choices” to focus on what they uniquely could offer in their position to their organization, and to the world.

Our study identified key similarities of women leaders across the generations:

  • A Learning Mindset – being able to conceptualize ideas and willingness to learn from others
  • Resiliency – a spirit of flexibility, elasticity – a suppleness that allows for quick recovery
  • Respect for Differences – an intentional, purposeful decision to embrace diversity
  • Stewartship – an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources

These findings align with similar studies, such as the resilience, energy and empathy drivers shown in Calipar’s Women Leaders Research Paper published at Princeton in 2014.


What others are saying about PEER Technology®

“Five stars. The PEER Technology® model has afforded me the opportunity to be part of a group of individuals who know me on an intimate level: who I am professionally and personally, where I stand in my career and life, and where I want to go next. I now have 17 other women looking out for me and making things happen around me. They are introducing me to people at community events, providing suggestions for development, and opening doors I couldn’t open on my own. This connection with my professional peers is invaluable to me.”

– Carsen Nesbitt Ruperto, Associate Attorney, Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.

“I leverage the network that I’ve built through PEER Technology® weekly, and never imagined that truly genuine connections with my peers could impact my career and my personal life in such an intense way. I am forever grateful for the experience that Align helped our group create.”

– Callista McNair Supervisor – Human Resources E&P, CONSOL Energy


Connect with us for this bold, experiential and results-driven series that tackles provocative and timely issues facing all leaders today … and learn how PEER Technology® will help you #FindYourEDGE and Show Up, Be Seen and Live Brave in 2016!

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