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By: Christy Uffelman   I’m an Over-Giver. I listen.  I hold your hand.  I never show up at your house empty-handed (always store-bought, of course, but that’s beside the point). I offer advice if you want it, and will just sit quietly beside you if you just don’t want to be alone. I am there for you. I’m good at …

Courtney DeruyBOTHER ME

The Anatomy of a Great Conversation

Most people have an irresistible tendency to get into a problem-solving mode within the first 60 seconds of a conversation. We move swiftly from point A to B. Goal completion (and often, in the shortest time too) is the ultimate objective. By doing so, we tend to miss out on a precious bunch of cues, clues, context, crazy ideas – …

Mary ShippyThe Anatomy of a Great Conversation

5 Little Phrases That Will Boost Your Impact

Image from Unsplash|Jake Givens Our choice of language at work is important – and yet often overlooked as many of us open our mouths and utter well-practiced lines and speech patterns. This is often to our detriment. In my latest newsletter I wrote about 5 little words that will kill your impact. In this week’s blog post, I am sharing with …

Mary Shippy5 Little Phrases That Will Boost Your Impact