Field Notes on Leadership: A New Blog Series

Over the next several months we’re going to be completing some interviews and writing a blog series entitled Field Notes On Leadership.  We’re going to delve into topics such as:  Human Capability, Empowerment, Resiliency & Grit, Importance of Communication and Conversation, Peer Learning, Authenticity, Leadership Vulnerability, and Characteristics of a Leader.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on these …

Courtney DeruyField Notes on Leadership: A New Blog Series
what does success mean to you

What Does Success Mean to You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

By Mary Shippy   The definition of success has been highjacked by our culture’s obsession with fame and fortune. The original root definition of success from the Latin “successus” is to advance, a good result, a happy outcome, as in to accomplish a purpose or aim. But we now live within the confines of a very narrow definition of what …

Courtney DeruyWhat Does Success Mean to You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself
We All Fall Down - Align Leadership

We All Fall Down

By: Mary Shippy Why do we struggle so much with failure?  As a culture?  As a people?  Cause we all eventually fall down. I remember many years ago after completing an education project in Central Africa, I was sitting with a group of leaders at a safari resort on the Nile River talking about leadership.  All of us shared stories …

Courtney DeruyWe All Fall Down
The two halves of the leadership journey

The Two Halves of the Leadership Journey

By: Mary Shippy I have listened to the individual stories of leaders in my coaching practice for over 17 years, and I have consistently seen them fall in one of two categories.  Carl Jung used the phrase “the two halves of life” to describe the two major tasks one faces in life.  I think this can be a helpful way …

Mary ShippyThe Two Halves of the Leadership Journey
heart centered leader

21 Unmistakable Traits of a Heart-Centered Leader

There is a great cost when you neglect the human connection point in business. Over the past 20 years there has been a significant amount of data showing that investment in the human element in business is a profit-making proposition. It is no secret that programs directed at employee engagement, leadership development, wellness, and employee assistance all show a significant …

Mary Shippy21 Unmistakable Traits of a Heart-Centered Leader
30 second challenge

The 30-Second Challenge Every Leader Should Accept

IMAGE: Getty Images Leadership is all about making others feel valued, but it can be hard to carve out time from a busy schedule to connect. Good news! It takes only 30 seconds. BY LOLLY DASKAL President and CEO, Lead From Within Connecting with others, making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure the impact lasts are …

Mary ShippyThe 30-Second Challenge Every Leader Should Accept
Leadership confidence

12 Ways to Develop Leadership Confidence

This post recently appeared in SmartBlog on Leadership: I was in a talent review meeting recently and we were discussing the strengths and development needs of a promising young leader. When I asked what the leader’s biggest development need was, the answer was “confidence”. When faced with a development need, I can usually adlib a pretty good development plan, but …

Mary Shippy12 Ways to Develop Leadership Confidence
5 qual of great leader

5 Qualities of Great Leaders

The world is changing at a blistering pace. In years past, the health of a company was measured by the size of its balance sheet. While that still may be true today, great leaders know that an organization’s competitiveness is clearly determined by its ability to harness the power of intangibles –– often referred to as “soft issues.” The truth …

Mary Shippy5 Qualities of Great Leaders