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Field Notes on Leadership: Resiliency & Grit

Field Notes on Leadership: Resiliency & Grit by: Christine Watkins Davies December 2017 What is resiliency and grit?  I define them as having the ability and capacity to recover quickly from challenges with a bit of toughness.  Even in the face of adversity, someone who is resilient and has a bit of grit overcomes obstacles others may not have thought …

Brad HemmingsField Notes on Leadership: Resiliency & Grit

Pittsburgh Hosts Another Successful National Conversation on Board Diversity

“Excellence. Experience. Exposure. To reach the boardroom, all three are needed.” That was the central theme from yesterday’s program for The National Conversation on Board Diversity, an event of 2020 Women on Boards. Having heard personal stories and best practices from amazing and inspiring leaders, the truth of those words is more evident than ever. This is the third year that Christy Uffelman and …

Brad HemmingsPittsburgh Hosts Another Successful National Conversation on Board Diversity
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Bulls%!# or Truth

By Mary Shippy Bulls%!# or Truth “Bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.” – H. Frankfurt I was recently reading Brené Brown’s new book, Braving the Wilderness, and got stuck in the 5th chapter entitled, “Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil.”  What I initially loved about this chapter was finding that there is a book called …

Brad HemmingsBulls%!# or Truth

Christy Uffelman to Receive Honor from Alma Mater

Congratulations to one of Align Leadership’s wonderful and fearless leaders, Christy Uffelman, for the incredible honor of receiving the Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH) Professional Excellence Award! This award honors an OLSH alumnus who has distinguished themselves in their profession. At Align, we all know how amazing Christy is – but it’s great to see others noticing as well! …

Brad HemmingsChristy Uffelman to Receive Honor from Alma Mater

7 Inspiring People Talk About the Last Time They Failed and How They Bounced Back

I don’t know about you, but I find nothing more inspiring than personal stories of courage and overcoming adversity.  If you think celebrities don’t face difficulties themselves, have a look at 7 celebrities who have failed and bounced back.  Please tell me your personal stories of triumph in the face of long odds!   #AdversityIsOpportunityInDisguise

Brad Hemmings7 Inspiring People Talk About the Last Time They Failed and How They Bounced Back

Congratulations to 2017 PTC EDGE Cohort!

With every ending, there is a new beginning. Clearly I am not the first to express these ever-so-true words of wisdom, but they hold new meaning to me this week, as we have reached the culmination of our 2017 Pittsburgh Technology Council EDGE cohort. It is with equal parts sadness and joy that we gathered for a final time to …

Brad HemmingsCongratulations to 2017 PTC EDGE Cohort!

The Disease of Perfectionism

By Mary Shippy   I was in New Mexico a few years ago visiting a Navajo Pueblo.  We were watching the women weaving rugs.  They were beautiful in design and color.  Navajo tradition tells us that every Navajo rug is woven with one very visible and intentional imperfection woven into it.  They believe that this allows spirit and energy to …

Courtney DeruyThe Disease of Perfectionism

I’ve Been “Should”-ing All Over Myself

Learning to Play Hooky in a “Should Do” World By: Christy Uffelman   I snuck out of work today when nobody was looking. I am writing this post while sitting on my deck, dappled in sunlight, wearing zero makeup and in my favorite robe. And I’m coloring. Yes, coloring. (Apparently as a busy professional, adult-coloring books are the super cool, …

Courtney DeruyI’ve Been “Should”-ing All Over Myself
Align Leadership Christy Uffelman Bother Me


By: Christy Uffelman   I’m an Over-Giver. I listen.  I hold your hand.  I never show up at your house empty-handed (always store-bought, of course, but that’s beside the point). I offer advice if you want it, and will just sit quietly beside you if you just don’t want to be alone. I am there for you. I’m good at …

Courtney DeruyBOTHER ME
5 questions - feedback

5 Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for Feedback

by Jessica Mattern As human beings, we’re naturally curious and desire to have our questions answered. But there’s one area of questioning that overwhelms most of us with anxiety: asking for feedback. It’s not an easy or natural task, asking for someone’s opinion or evaluation of you and your work, but it’s an essential part of career development. We can’t promise …

Mary Shippy5 Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for Feedback