Congratulations to 2017 PTC EDGE Cohort!

With every ending, there is a new beginning. Clearly I am not the first to express these ever-so-true words of wisdom, but they hold new meaning to me this week, as we have reached the culmination of our 2017 Pittsburgh Technology Council EDGE cohort. It is with equal parts sadness and joy that we gathered for a final time to …

Brad HemmingsCongratulations to 2017 PTC EDGE Cohort!
you can rest now

No one is keeping a tally. So why am I?

By Christy Uffelman   I’ve been battling my inner Martyr lately and losing. She shows up whenever I get stuck in the tiresome cycle of Overdo. Resent. Repeat. Whenever I say yes instead of no. Myrtle is a capital-P People-Pleaser, and no thanks to her, I’ve spent many a day taking on more. More work. More chores. More obligations. And …

Courtney DeruyNo one is keeping a tally. So why am I?
new health club

A Different Kind of Health Club

By Christine Watkins Davies Several months ago, I sat patiently waiting for my restorative yoga class to begin.  I was new to this practice but had heard a lot of wonderful things about it and wanted to give it a try.  The lights were low and the room was silent.  I sat on my mat breathing deeply in an effort …

Courtney DeruyA Different Kind of Health Club
what does success mean to you

What Does Success Mean to You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

By Mary Shippy   The definition of success has been highjacked by our culture’s obsession with fame and fortune. The original root definition of success from the Latin “successus” is to advance, a good result, a happy outcome, as in to accomplish a purpose or aim. But we now live within the confines of a very narrow definition of what …

Courtney DeruyWhat Does Success Mean to You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

I’ve Been “Should”-ing All Over Myself

Learning to Play Hooky in a “Should Do” World By: Christy Uffelman   I snuck out of work today when nobody was looking. I am writing this post while sitting on my deck, dappled in sunlight, wearing zero makeup and in my favorite robe. And I’m coloring. Yes, coloring. (Apparently as a busy professional, adult-coloring books are the super cool, …

Courtney DeruyI’ve Been “Should”-ing All Over Myself
Where Do You Sit in the Courtroom of Life - Align Leadership

Where Do You Sit in the Courtroom of Life?

By: Christine Watkins I begrudgingly sauntered into the courtroom with a herd of others who had been summoned for jury duty.  Yes, I am honored and grateful to live in a country with such a judicial system, but I could think of about 873 other things I’d rather be doing.  My number was not called to sit in the jury …

Courtney DeruyWhere Do You Sit in the Courtroom of Life?
Align Leadership Christy Uffelman Bother Me


By: Christy Uffelman   I’m an Over-Giver. I listen.  I hold your hand.  I never show up at your house empty-handed (always store-bought, of course, but that’s beside the point). I offer advice if you want it, and will just sit quietly beside you if you just don’t want to be alone. I am there for you. I’m good at …

Courtney DeruyBOTHER ME
we all have a fanny

We All Have A Fanny

By: Christine Watkins I’ve got this woman who lives behind me who constantly shares her negative thoughts and opinions even if I don’t feel like listening.  I call her Fanny because she’s a pain in the ass…  She shows up unannounced all of the time and is never a welcomed guest.  Ever.  Just when I am having a great day …

Mary ShippyWe All Have A Fanny
holiday parties

The Question You Should be Asking at Holiday Parties

By Christy Uffelman ‘Tis the season for holiday parties and the dreaded “What do you do?” conversation-starter question.  I was at one such party this past weekend.  I decided not to follow this “expected” flow of conversation and I literally left a random stranger speechless. I was introduced to a lovely mid-career woman with a white blouse and bangles who …

Mary ShippyThe Question You Should be Asking at Holiday Parties
“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor- -Winter is dead.”

Silencing Edith

By Christy Uffelman Allow me to introduce you to my inner critic. She’s quite stern, with her thin, white hair severely pulled back in a tight chignon.  Her face is lined, and if you give her half a second, she will tell you that she’s seen it all – multiple times over. Her mouth is pursed tight, as are her …

Mary ShippySilencing Edith