The EDGE Women Experience

The EDGE Women Experience

Designed for high-potential mid-career professionals, our EDGE Experience is the first women’s mentoring experience of its kind. Unlike many “out-of-the-box” women’s leadership programs, our EDGE participants co-create the leadership content to ensure it delivers exactly what they need – NOW! – to grow and progress in their career.

Leveraging Align’s trademarked process for engaging peers, PEER Technology®, EDGE Women is an innovative virtual and in-person mentoring experience that brings value to you as a mid-career leader. Benchmarked with Fortune 500 companies, EDGE is a contemporary leadership program that provides a living experience that adapts and changes with the needs of each cohort.

  • Facilitating knowledge transfer across positions, divisions and industries
  • Creating peer-to-peer relationships and building an actionable support and engagement network
  • Developing strategic leadership and critical thinking skills through real-time practice and application

Leveraging both virtual and in-person sessions over the course of 12 months, participants will hone their EDGE by gaining greater expertise in areas that include:

  • Executive presence & Personal branding:
    • Build a strategic network both inside and outside your organization.
    • Brand attributes, including creating your personal elevator speech and bio.
    • Create a powerful social media presence that reflects your brand.
  •  Coaching skills
    • To develop your direct reports and hold them accountable.
    • To “self-coach” and to promote collaboration and teamwork with your peers.
    • To experience being coached monthly.
  • Influential leadership:
    • Understand how to influence peers and manage up.
    • Identify mentors and advocates.

The EDGE Women Experience also includes:

  • Monthly 1:1 Office Hours with Align coaches
  • Virtual coaching application experiences with peers monthly
  • Community service opportunities
  • Engage your company’s executives as Guest mentors, leveraging areas of executive expertise and passion with meaningfully minimal time commitment
Our January 2018 EDGE Women’s Experience is in partnership with The Pittsburgh Technology Council. Please contact Justin Driscoll at for more information.

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