Align Coaching

Align Coaching

The best leaders and teams are intentional about what they do; they continue to learn, address their blind spots and develop themselves throughout their lives. Because these leaders embody a learning mindset, they’re able to see possibilities, learn to be strategic and live their core values. How are Align Coaches different from other professional coaches?

• Our solutions are completely customized to the individual, team and to the organization. We believe everyone has unique needs and challenges and a customized program saves time and money.

• We work within the organizational context. Working beside your leaders and teams, we gain a better understanding of the systems and priorities that drive your leaders.

• We are certified coaches through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and follow the ethical standards of our licensing organization, of which confidentiality and integrity are the hallmarks.

• We believe that our clients have the capacity and ability to develop self-correcting behavior and that the ability of people to change and transform behavior is infinite.

• We use appropriate assessment tools which are designed to create a process that leads to self-awareness

• If we believe we aren’t the best fit, we’ll recommend another certified coach.

Our Areas of Coaching Focus:
The Individual

First, we focus on you, the individual. We care about you as a whole person and ground our coaching sessions in self-awareness. We work with you to be more intentional in your choices and behaviors because better choices lead to better results. We challenge you around your love of self-management, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence.

The Team

Second, we focus on the team. Today’s business dynamics call for everyone to work effectively in a myriad of collaborative groups – functional, project, tier and global. To be a successful leader today, you cannot rely on being a lone star. It’s imperative to create high performing communities and teams that work together effectively and efficiently. Through team sessions, we work with the team to create a mutual community built on the foundation of trust, a shared vision and strategy, aligned ways of working, and effective open communication.

The Organization

Third, we focus on the organization. Align coaches work with your leaders and teams within the context of the organization’s day to day reality (and possibility) to create sustainable change for the future. Keeping both business and strategic goals in mind, we develop customized programs for leaders and their teams. We work to challenge the organization to generate their own solutions, which is ultimately more powerful than being prescribed a path to follow. The consultative approach we take with our clients, the corporate practices and metrics we use, and the tools and skill we help develop, simply make better leaders. Better leadership creates more engaged employees who make better choices who together deliver better results.

Assessment Tools:

Business Enneagram Model The Enneagram is a personality typology helping clients recognize and understand an overall pattern in human behavior both within themselves and with others. The Enneagram has brought greater clarity, understanding and bandwidth for leaders, teams, and organizations when navigating through challenges such as communication, conflict, decision making, and giving/receiving feedback. Utilizing the Enneagram to gain awareness of individual attention biases and perspectives, clients can begin to identify how to bring their best selves to work, organize and work in teams, and lead others with courage and authenticity. We use a business Enneagram model that focuses on utilizing your innate strengths to drive for results, think and act strategically, improve communication skills, make optimal decisions, take charge of change and stretch your leadership paradigm while striving for self-mastery. 360 Interview Process Our 360 Interview process is both simple and profound. We understand that perception and reality are tools for insight for our clients. With our clients, we identify a variety of positional level colleagues that will engage in a meaningful and honest conversation about their skill sets. We ask two questions: What has been your experience with our client’s strengths and what has been your experience with our client’s challenges? While interviewing these colleagues, we look to see what the patterns and themes are during the narrative interviews. What topics repeatedly emerge as our clients’ strengths? What do they do well that may be innate to their being, or something that they’ve been working to improve upon for a while? What are their potential blind spots that, if recognized and addressed, could elevate their level of leadership? What are those opportunities for growth, that if addressed, could potentially improve the level of engagement of their teams/colleagues? Upon completion of the 360 interviews, we create a developmental coaching plan integrating the themes and patterns that emerged. Many of our clients find this process to be incredibly insightful and beneficial. We find it to be a great way to help identify our clients’ level of executive presence, relationship skills, leadership vernacular, and communication skills which can be foundational when engaging in a coaching relationship and program.