Align Teams

Through all levels of an organization, we help leaders to develop a vision for the business that aligns with successful strategic and operational growth. ALIGN TEAMS is designed for intact, cross-functional teams. The goal is to help create a mutual community that shares a common vision: aligning ways of working and trusting and effectively communicating. These programs are customized to the team, organization, and development needs

Align Team Outcomes can include:

  • Shared common vision alignment within the organizational strategy
  • Defining ways of working that enable the team to engage with each other effectively
  • Strengthen peer-to-peer relationships built on trust that enables crucial conversations
  • Remove drama within the team to activate empowerment
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence both personally and socially and apply these skills at work
  • Strengthen strategic thinking skills
  • Create a toolbox that activates learning and supports leadership success

Program Design:

Align Team programs are customized to fit any system. They can be structured as offsite sessions, a series of workshops, or a year-long program.

They often includes stakeholder interviews to clarify perceptions of the team, as well as identify strengths and challenges.

Stand along Workshops for Teams

Mindfully Aligned Workshop –

Mindfully aligned is an experience-based workshop created to help organizations integrate mindful strategies into their work environments. Mindfulness is a tool to address stress and overwhelm in organizational environments. Mindfulness as a practice has a proven track record (hot link to article in HRB or any other reputable mag.) that includes improved morale, increased productivity and elevation of quality in work product. Leaders come away with ways to enhance their presence, build confidence, and strategies they can utilize when addressing stress in their environments.

Aligning Trust Workshop –

Aligning Trust is an experience-based workshop that addresses the components of trust in relationships and work environments. To address trust, you must acknowledge distrust. Distrust in the workplace is where the strategies people use to protect themselves inevitably get in the way of their ability to effectively do work and work with others. In our workshop we work together to recognize ways in which people off load hurt, better understand the physics of vulnerably and ways to begin to re-establish authentic trust. By identifying areas of breakdown of trust, we are able to begin to rebuild trust in teams and organizations.