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Creating and Aligning Business Strategy at All Levels

Organizations need to anticipate and prepare for the future at all levels. When a company defines and communicates its strategy – the direction and scope short- and long-term – it guides the big picture and is better positioned to harness the power of its people in order to achieve its goal.

At Align, we believe that solid business strategy happens at all levels of the organization – corporate, business unit and team. It is not enough to just have a corporate strategy because misalignment can still occur throughout the organization. It is important that each group clearly understands and identifies its role in driving value for the business and realizing its vision.

We work with mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies, regional to global organizations and cross-functional teams. Our focus is to facilitate and drive problem solving, identify strategic priorities, and create actions that drive clear decision making. We work with you to evaluate the situation from different perspectives, and create a pathway to move forward.

Through all levels of an organization, we help leaders to develop a vision for the business and to successfully identify key strategic and operational levers that drive short- and long-term growth.

Past and ongoing projects include long-term strategic analysis; cascading business strategies that travel throughout the organization impacting focus and application for teams and individuals; cross-functional and cross-divisional collaboration that emphasis goals and outcomes; identifying work steams and advisory support to deliver on company strategy; and identify, define and execute on short and long term priorities.

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