Organizational Consulting

We work with your executive leaders in the context of your organization’s day to day reality (and future possibilities) to create positive and sustainable change. Keeping both business and strategic goals in mind, we guide efforts to strengthen a healthy culture that embraces diversity in all its forms, and that aligns people practices with overall business strategy. We challenge and walk alongside you in co-creating your own solutions, which is more powerful than following a prescribed path. We are most passionate about consulting in the following areas: 

  • Designing and delivering transformational leadership programing. With decades of experience and a vast library of leadership development methods and tools to draw from, we design custom transformational leadership programs that meet the unique needs of your people and your company.
  • Developing leadership frameworks. Delineating the skills and competencies needed at different levels of your organization within a leadership framework creates clarity and common language to guide people development efforts. Through coaching, on the job-training, mentorship, or formal programs your leaders become more equipped to grow your pipeline of talent. 
  • Integrated people development strategies. We offer expert advising on a comprehensive approach to developing your current and future leadership talent, including through high-potential development programs, hiring and promotion strategies, and succession planning.
  • Delivery of Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead Program. As Dare To Lead trained facilitators, we use the inspiring research of Dr. Brené Brown to help clients understand how courage, vulnerability, worthiness, and resiliency grow strong leaders. The program encourages a culture where people feel inspired and supported, where they foster change through courageous leadership, and improve organizational resilience in the face of adversity.