Organizational Leadership Alignment

Building Organizational Leadership Platforms

Without a cohesive development process in place, companies spend a lot of money and time on development programs that fail to have returns on expectations – failure to transfer knowledge and loss of high potentials. Connecting the people development dots and developing leadership platforms is essential to smart business protocol and practice in the business climate.
We believe helping organizations to develop intentional, purposeful and aligned leadership platforms within their organization is key to healthy leadership DNA.

Leadership Succession Consulting and Facilitation

Regardless of where your organization is in its lifecycle, Align Leadership helps harness the power of a more dynamic workforce. Align consultants work with the human side of the succession/cultural integration process in a leadership change, ensuring your seasoned leaders transfer knowledge effectively.

Through facilitation and coaching we work with the executive team to maintain clear communication, listen well, address difficult issues and develop role clarity for team members. We:

• Layer in the “people strategy” to an organization’s strategic planning process.
• Facilitate sessions to identify the key roles in an organization – the jobs that without which the company could not sustain itself for long term.
• Design processes that deepen the leadership bench strength and help identify high potential leaders.
• Create career paths and developmental programs to engage identified high potentials to successfully transition along those leadership trajectories.
• Design a thoughtful and respectful exit plan for present leaders so the transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Align Practices

Mindfully Aligned Workshop –  Mindfully Aligned is an experiential workshop created to help organizations integrate mindfulness strategies into their work environment in an effort to improve morale, increase productivity, and elevate their quality of work.  Participants in this experiential workshop will identify ways to enhance their executive presence, build confidence, and begin to help generate creative solutions to organizational challenges.  By integrating Mindfully Aligned strategies, participants will also identify ways that they can closely align with their organization’s vision and goals.

Aligning Trust Workshop   Aligning Trust is an educational workshop created to help organizations who are struggling with issues of trust and distrust.  Our work together will be based on the research by Dr. Brene Brown, as well as, Charles Feltman who wrote The Thin Book of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust At Work.   It is impossible to address trust without acknowledging distrust.  As Feltman stated, “The disaster of distrust in the workplace is that the strategies people use to protect themselves inevitably get in the way of their ability to effectively work with others.”  In our Aligning Trust workshop, we can work together to recognize ways in which people off load hurt, better understand the physics of vulnerability, and begin to brave trust.  Additionally, we will address how to set boundaries in order for you to begin to work with integrity and elicit generosity towards others.  This workshop can help individuals and organizations identify where distrust has impeded their ability to connect and work together toward goals.  It will also help to identify ways in which individuals and organizations can rise above distrust with resiliency and courage.


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