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Align Team Development

Through all levels of an organization, we help leaders to develop a vision for the business that aligns with successful strategic and operational growth.  ALIGN TEAMS is designed for intact, cross-function teams.  Its goal is to help create a mutual community that shares a common vision, aligning ways of working, and trusting and effectively communicating.

Align Team Outcomes include:

  • Shared common vision aligned with the organizational strategy
  • Defined ways of working that enable the team to engage with each other effectively
  • Strengthen peer-to-peer relationship built on trust that enables crucial conversations
  • Remove drama within the team and activate empowerment
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence both personally and socially and apply these skills every day at work
  • Strengthen strategic thinking skills
  • Create a toolbox that activate learning and support for leader success.

Plug-In options include:

  • Monthly office hours with Align Coaches
  • Stakeholder interviews to understand the needs of the organization and perceptions of the team
  • Virtual Cohorts

Program Design:

Align Teams is customized to fit any system.  It can be structured as offsite sessions, series of workshops, and a year-long intensive program.

Align Teams has been successfully deployed in small teams and across Fortune 500 business units serving hundreds of people.


A Group Cohort is an intact team of people within your organization who share a particular mission or specialty.  Align coaches can work with cohorts (typically 6-40 people) to develop an aligned way of working that forms synergies and increases speed of trust and outcomes.


  • Intact teams
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Specialty Teams

We can conduct customized Behavioral Impact Surveys for your organization as an add-on service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pre-program survey and report providing benchmark measures
  • Mid-point survey and analytics report
  • Post-program survey and analytics report measuring return on expectations (ROE)

Follow-up surveys to measure application and longevity of learning:

  • 1 year out post-program survey and analytics report
  • 3 year out post-program survey and analytics report
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