Think Responsibly

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal responsibility lately.  About how I (and only I) am ultimately responsible for how my life turns out.   I’m responsible for my successes, failures, relationships, and happiness at home as well as work.

I don’t know how we’ve become the society that thinks that responsibility isn’t a great thing.   I’d wager a few paychecks that it’s mostly the people who do what they say they’re going to do and then who actually do it, who have the deepest connections with others and the most enriching lives.  Folks believe more in responsible people because they set realistic expectations with others, and then live up to them.    They understand to only set others’ expectations when they know there’s a very good chance of success — to be on time, to do their fair share, to lead when they’ve been made the leader, to be there.   In other words, we all appreciate those who keep their word to us.

Very simply, responsibility comes down to the choices I make in life.   Faced with small and large decisions every day, I have a choice, and the more I choose to be responsible and follow through on my commitments, the better I feel about myself.   In turn, this builds my confidence to continue to practice making more good decisions.

While I was thinking about responsibility today, I happened upon this excellent article filled with insightful and thoughtful quotes about what comes from owning up to the choices we face in life.   Enjoy the read, and join me in the effort to remember that responsibility is a good thing that makes other good things happen.

7 Timeless Thoughts on Taking Responsibility for Your Life