Insight from Women Leaders: Encouragement that Helped them Succeed

Insight from Women Leaders: Encouragement that Helped them Succeed

In Align Leadership’s Women Leaders Across the Generations study, women leaders expressed that they had come from supportive families or had mentors that encouraged them to do what they wanted to do in life. In the following quotes, women leaders share words of encouragement that helped them succeed:

“No matter what I did, my mom recognized there was value in it. When I went to work at the dude ranch, my mom said, ‘I bet that will be a terrific experience and you will learn a lot about people’ as opposed to saying ‘what the hell are you doing with your life?’ My mom has always been a very realistic champion.”

“I never heard ‘you can’t do that.’ I was taught that women had the freedom to be educated, freedom to choose, freedom to be wage earners. The message was not only ‘you can do it’ it was ‘you should be doing it because it is an important contribution to the world.’”

“I think my mom always told me that I could do great things and that I was a leader…She had always given me that self-confidence. But I just felt like it was because she was my mom and that was what she was supposed to say. When I was able to do those things and was successful at them, that’s when I realized it wasn’t just mom making me feel good. There was merit in the words she was giving me.”

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