About Us

The Align Leadership Team is dedicated and focused on developing custom, outcome-based solutions that solve our clients’ most important problems. We bring the latest research and practices to each client, and we’ve achieved extraordinary results by providing insight, advice and expertise at all levels within organizations.

We work with your leaders to:

  • Develop clear and concise ways to communicate and listen to stakeholders
  • Expand the critical thinking skills of your emerging and mid-level leaders
  • Guide those going through transitions (promotions, new managers, etc.) to increase their leadership capacity and emotional intelligence skills
  • Identify and bridge credibility gaps so leaders can advance more effectively and efficiently
Our Approach

Our work is personal and purposeful. It is grounded in a sense of contribution and connection – to inspire choice and change in our partner organizations, cohorts and individual leaders.

Align is led by competent coaches and consultants who are intensely focused on our clients’ well-being and effectiveness, while keeping an eye on business strategy and success. We represent the diversity of the three main generations in the workforce today, and we understand (and get excited about) the challenges that leaders face to adapt to the differences in each generation as well as the changing business climate.

We believe that change happens when we concentrate on what is going right, not just on the problems. At the heart of our work are strategies that individuals and organizations can use to build the confidence and competence to respond effectively to these complex challenges. We recognize the need to both act and work together to create a sustainable world for ourselves and for the generations that follow.