Brad Weyant, ACC

Coaching, Facilitation, and Consulting Experience
Brad helps clients and teams learn new techniques and practices to help them grow self-awareness, improve effectiveness, and discover new possibilities. He helps his clients understand how to face challenges as they arise in their business and personal lives and guides both individuals and teams towards long-term excellence.

Brad’s clients have said that he is a steady and supportive coach and that he creates an environment where it is safe for clients to open up. Clients have shared that they are comfortable connecting with him and that he is easy to have a conversation with. Brad has an innate capacity to understand what is going on in his client’s world.

Brad is always learning ways in which he can continue to grow and add to his coaching tools. He utilizes the Enneagram, an assessment tool which helps both individuals and teams grow, as well as movement practices. The use of movement in activities helps clients fully embody what they are learning. He brings this passion of movement to his coaching practice.

Brad facilitates group sessions around the Enneagram and other leadership development programs. He also consults with businesses and leaders on creating development plans for their organizations.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience
Brad has been an entrepreneur since he was fifteen. He has started multiple businesses from the ground up and worked in many different roles and industries. Brad has been a leader, entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and coach in a wide variety of business settings and has experience in industries such as construction, photography, marketing, restaurants, real estate, investing, athletics, and education. These experiences have given him a depth of business knowledge he can draw on to help him fully understand each client’s project or work environment.
Brad has been involved in team sports his entire life. He generally is a leader or a captain on the teams he is involved in and has coached youth sports teams ranging from 5th grade through high school.

Education and Training
Brad completed his B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Texas in 2004. He brings this understanding of movement and body awareness into his coaching.
Brad is a certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West and through the International Coach Federation. Brad is a Certified Enneagram Coach® through the Enneagram In Business. He also holds a certificate in Coaching Circles.

Societal Contributions
Brad has volunteered through the SCORE organization to help small businesses and startups grow. He also volunteers coaching time each month for small business leaders by leading a peer Coaching Circle for new entrepreneurs. He also volunteers coaching services to small startup leaders.

In his volunteer roles, and his professional endeavors – whether facilitating, coaching, or consulting – Brad brings a passion for his work and is honored to observe and assist his clients in making each new, life-changing discovery.