Marybeth Gallagher

MBA, ACC Leadership Development Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator

Leadership & Team Development Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator 

A global leader with C-Suite executive experience, Marybeth brings first-hand experience working with CEO’s, executives, teams, and hi-potential individuals in Fortune 500 organizations.

Marybeth believes most people want to do their very best – they want to contribute in meaningful ways in their personal and professional lives.  As humans, life happens – major career transitions, life events that throw career curveballs, everchanging business complexities and uncertain landscapes, preparing for retirement and succession, and more.  It’s these situations that can cause really good, motivated individuals to become insecure, fearful, stuck, burnt out, and even isolated.  Having lived through such experiences personally and beside highly successful individuals, I’ve come to realize how unhealthy it is to be stuck and/or to be isolated.  Marybeth is committed to coming beside leaders and re-igniting the best in individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Grow the person, Grow the leader, Grow the organization.   

Marybeth believes that leadership growth occurs in two ways.  First, it’s developing competency, the skills and the knowledge needed for your role and to get your job done.  Additionally, building capacity – it’s the capacity to dig deeper and be real with ourselves (some call this owning our own SH&*!).  Unless a leader is willing to face their shadow and challenge belief systems, assumptions, fears, control, failures, and patterned behavior they will get stuck or become isolated.  Yet, when someone is willing to do the hard work it takes to build capacity, they become ignited, passionate, and alive.  Truly developed individuals lead with competence and capacity , “walking the walk” because they are whole, authentic, alive, and confident being their truest self.     

Leading with competence and capacity is leading with purpose.  

Education and Training

Marybeth is a continuous learner.  She is a certified Integral Coach®, Integral Team Coach®, and Coaching Circles Facilitator Coach through New Ventures West, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation, and a Certified Enneagram Coach® through the Enneagram in Business program. Marybeth holds a Certificate of Organizational Design & Effectiveness from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business and is also trained in Dare to Lead, The Leadership Pipeline, and The Mindful Leader.  Marybeth also holds an MBA and a BA in Organizational Communications from Xavier University.  

Hobbies & Societal Contributions

Marybeth lives in Denver, Colorado.   She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, traveling the world, enjoying the outdoors, learning, practicing yoga, and giving back to her community and volunteering at her kid’s school.  She values connection, growth, learning, play, fun and humor!