Align Leadership was instrumental in helping our executive team learn about ourselves and each other. With this foundation, Align helped me to understand the capacity and strength of each team member and to focus on individual development opportunities. As a result, my management team is more highly functional and more aware of possible improvement areas. I worked with Mary Shippy of Align Leadership for 2+ years. It was my first experience with an executive coach. In that time, I learned more about myself and my organization than I thought possible. I have consistently used the skills I learned throughout coaching to communicate more effectively and to better position our company.
- Greg, CEO, Bancroft Construction Company
Five Stars! I cannot say enough about my coaching experience with Dr. Mary Shippy with Align! Simply put, it has been one of the best experiences I have had while navigating through my career. At the time of my coaching, I was faced with professional and personal challenges and changes and Mary was able to effectively balance those things throughout the coaching experience. More importantly I’d say, is that she was extremely sincere and understanding and we were able to talk at personable levels. Her forward thinking and coaching enabled me to prepare for and respond to situations before I even encountered them – she knew what I needed to take me to new levels before I recognized them. That, to me, is exactly what a coach should do and is just one of many reasons why I would recommend Align for anyone!
- Kevin B., Corporate Director
Dr. Shippy at Align Leadership has inspired lasting change that has positively affected my influence and impact at work. It’s been a couple years since working with Mary but strategies we developed about ‘managing up’ are still effective and frequently used.
- Eric Cusic, Emergent Leader
I will forever be indebted to Mary Shippy. While coaching me, she not only identified a debilitating blind spot in my character, but she reflected it back to me in a way that I both could see it and own it. Then she equipped me with language, thinking, and practical tools to overcome the blind spot and improve my character. It has been a decade since Mary coached me and today I use what she taught me on weekly basis. I am a better husband, father, friend, and leader because of Mary Shippy. I intentionally and regularly share what I have learned from Mary with others. It is simply too good and too important to keep to myself.
- Tim Spiker, Founder, The Aperio Company


One of the major outcomes of our work with Align is our leadership strategically taking the time to understand each individual’s personal and collective visions for our firm. Through this process, our group has a better appreciation of what we are all have in common and what we want to achieve together, which fosters buy-in from everyone at the table. The development of our Why Statement was so important to us as a firm, as we are now are able to assess our decisions against the Why statement to make sure the results of those decisions are indeed moving us in the right direction we want. Thoughtful of how we move forward as a firm, the leadership is able to promote and foster this vision to our staff and clients who are integral in making our vision a reality.
- Wendi, Associate, Architectural Firm
As a result of coaching with Mary and Align Leadership my ability to build stronger teams and manage the teams with the proper level of oversight has lead to quicker more accurate decisions improving company wide efficiencies. Mary and Align Leadership guided me along a path of self-learning. The end result is a confident belief that I am bringing the proper balance to decisions and strategy within my organization. The work with Mary has grown my strategic, management and communication tool-box. This has made me a better CEO, a better Communicator and a better Spouse/Parent.
- Decky, CEO & Entrepreneur
One of the major outcomes of our work with Align has been to draw our family owned and managed business closer together as a team by tacking an honest look at the strengths and weakness of the team members and how to utilize the strengths that each team member brings to the team.
- Walter B., President