Meet the Participants

Real peers. Real challenges. Real support. Real success!

PEER Technology ® grows the person to grow the leader.

Hear the voices from both men and women as they reflect on the value this group coaching experience provided to them – both personally AND professionally. Unlike many “out-of-the-box” high potential programs, PEER Technology® participants co-create the leadership content to ensure it delivers exactly what they need – NOW! – to grow and progress in their career.

Benchmarked with Fortune 500 companies, PEER Technology® is a contemporary leadership platform that provides a living experience that adapts and changes with the needs of each cohort – early career, mid-career and early executive:

• Facilitating knowledge transfer across positions, divisions and industries

• Creating peer-to-peer relationships and building an actionable support and engagement network

• Developing strategic leadership and critical thinking skills through real-time practice and application