What We Do

In a shifting business market…

Align Leadership consultants work with your organization to build a leadership platform that allows you to identify and build your unique organizational leadership DNA. Leadership DNA is what is imbedded in your cultural values, it is what you reward. It is the competencies you use to hire and promote your people for demonstrating. It enables you to grow and realize your strategic plans. As companies grow and expand those founding values and principles shift and get lost.

The Align Leadership systems incorporates:

• A whole system perspective to develop long-term solutions to complex organizational and strategic challenges
• Cultivating innovation as a key distinguisher and requirement in the business market today
• Cross boundary collaboration which enables innovation, transfers knowledge and facilitates learning to increase effectiveness
• The building of an internal learning culture to increase productivity, stakeholder satisfaction and employee engagement

THROUGH – Align Coaching & Peer Groups – Leadership and Team Coaching, and We Technology™.

We work with your leaders to:

• Develop clear and concise ways to communicate and listen to stakeholders
• Establish compelling vision and strategic roadmap
• Work effectively and efficiently in collaborative groups built on a foundation of trust, a shared vision and aligned ways of working.
• Expand the critical thinking skills of your emerging and mid-level leaders
• Guide those going through transitions (promotions, new managers, etc.) to increase their leadership capacity and emotional intelligence skills
• Identify and bridge credibility gaps so leaders can advance more effectively and efficiently

THROUGH – Align Consulting – Building Organizational Leadership Alignment, Business & Team Strategic Development, and Leadership Succession Consulting and Facilitation.

We work with your organizations to:

• Align vision and business strategy with ways of working
• Identify high-potential and missed potential leadership development
• Develop intentional, purposeful and aligned leadership platforms with your organization and support healthy leadership DNA
• Harness the power of a more dynamic workforce by working on the human side of the succession/cultural integration process to ensure transfer of knowledge effectively
• Effectively integrate diversity and difference on teams to help them maximize their impact on the organization