Executive & Leadership Coaching


The greatest leaders are self-aware and intentional; they continue to learn and grow, address their blind spots, and develop themselves and those around them with honesty and care. Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to cultivate leaders with this mindset; leaders who consistently challenge themselves to live into their core values, while bringing out the best in their teams and organizations. So, what can Align Leadership Coaches offer your leaders?

  • Developmental coaching. Our coaching methods offer clients new awareness and tools that benefit them and their teams well beyond the coaching engagement. We believe everyone has the capacity to develop self-correcting behaviors. We aim to jump-start a process with rewarding ripple effects for years to come.
  • Individualized coaching programs. Every leader has a unique developmental journey. We find that designing a highly customized coaching program to simultaneously meet the needs of the individual and the organization is most effective, ultimately saving time and money.
  • “Whole person” approach. We see our clients for the complex and multi-faceted humans they are. Coaching sessions guide leaders to intentionally bring more of their true selves into their decisions and behaviors, while learning to manage self-defeating patterns.
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified. All our coaches are ICF Certified, and follow ICF ethical standards, which include confidentiality, integrity, and continuing education. We are constantly learning and growing as coaches, developing ourselves through mentorship and training to best serve our clients.
  • Comprehensive assessment tools. All coaching engagements start with an intake session and a 360-interview process to gain insights into a leader’s strengths and growth areas. We use the Enneagram, a powerful personality typology, to help clients recognize and understand behaviors, within themselves and others.